Roots to Food / Tractors in School

March 2016 saw two separate initiatives 

Roots to Food

Roots to Food came into school to show the children how to cook and eat healthily and easily. 

The recipes are uploaded as documents below, please try and re-create the recipes in your family.  




Tractors in Schools


NFU and the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society are working together on an exciting new initiative to put a tractor into every Lincolnshire Primary School playground this year. The initiative gives farmers the opportunity to build a link with a local primary school, talk about what farmers do, educate children about food and farming and inspire the farmers of the future.


Please check our gallery for some photographs from the day the big red tractor came onto the playground. 

Thanks to local farmer Mark Richardson, and the NFU for this wonderful opportunity. 

These are some quotes from the children on the day

Alex  – ‘It was gigantic, I was really surprised how big it was’.

Toby  – ‘It was fascinating to go inside it was just like a spaceship’.

William  – ‘It was really good, its wheels were massive – much taller than me!’. 











  1. Pan Fried Chicken Tomato Pesto
  2. Cheese and Chive Salmon Cakes