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Baston C of E Primary School

Baston C of E Primary School

Dream, Thrive, Believe

Our representatives

In Year 5 we have lots of representatives for different jobs. 

School Council

For our School Council we have elected Blake and Samuel! We are looking forward to seeing all the changes they can help us make in our school. 

School council have been working with Mrs Epps to support the collection of Children In Need donations and handing out our Children In Need stickers. 

This week School Council met with Mrs Epps to have a meeting to share the success of Children in Need. 

Our school council are looking for new ideas to make lunchtime more exciting and things we would like to play with. 

Worship Leaders

For our Worship Leaders we have chosen Arthur and Dotty. We cannot wait to see how they can help us in collective worship. 

We had our first worship by our leaders this week. They spoke to us about how we can make worship more engaging for others and asked for our ideas on how we can worship together. 

Mini Police

We have heard all about Mini Police. We are now busy creating something to represent why we should be part of Mini Police which needs to be in school by Friday 8th October, so we can select our Mini Police! Watch this space. 

Our Mini Police representative are Olive, Jayden, Kellan, Jessie and Mya. They are all looking forward to starting their new project of developing a quiet play area and activities to take part in during lunch times. 

Mini Police are continuing to help out at lunch at break times in the quiet area and have started to hand out "spotted you being kind" slips to children when they have seen them being kind to others.

This week Mini Police had a slight change in representatives as now Maisy and Katie have joined the Mini Police team while Kellan and Olive have taken a step back. The Mini Police had their first official meeting this week and are looking forward to sharing some of their learning with the class.  

ECO council

Our ECO council members are Peggy and Darcey. They have had their first meeting with Mrs Dickson, and we are excited to hear about all the new ECO changes we are going to try out. 

We have started to collect different items for recycling again. The items we are collecting have been emailed home and these can be placed in the bins outside our classroom. 

This week ECO Council have been on a litter pick around the local area. They were very pleased to see how little litter there was around Baston this week. We did find some on the school walk way though. 

This week our ECO Council went on another litter pick. This time they went up to the park where they were kept very busy as they found a lot of litter. 



Computing Ambassadors

Our Computing Ambassadors are Maya, Charlie and Lexi. They have been helping out with computing in our classroom all week and have had their first meeting with Mrs Tyler.

Our computing ambassadors have been very helpful in the classroom during our computing lessons where they have helped to ensure our equipment has been put back correctly.