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Baston C of E Primary School

Baston C of E Primary School

“Preparing the way…”

Eco School 2018 - 2023


A new committee of Eco-Warriors have been formed ready to start work on the many ideas we have collected as a school.

Our School Council have decided to work towards gaining a Green Eco Flag. They have reviewed our current eco status and have created a plan to get us on our way. They have delivered an assembly and all classes are now working on one of the ten topics that helps us to become more aware of our environment and the world. We have qualified for our Bronze Certificate and hopefully, in the next few weeks, we should be able to apply for our Silver Certificate. We have ordered a selection of kits to help KS1 care for the smaller animals in the school grounds: antworld, snailworld and wormworld. We'll keep you posted on the progress that they make! 


Collecting the apple trees for school from SCOG.


Planting apple trees and a pear tree in the school grounds and making bird food.


Our Eco displays...







As part of our study on biodiversity Year 6 have adopted a snow leopard through WWF.

Today we had a non-uniform day to raise money for The Woodland Trust and our PTA Library project. We are pleased to say that we are able to offer £70 to The Woodland Trust. Our theme was 'Go Green' or dress as a woodland animal. We also presented KS1 with kits to provide homes for ants, worms and snails.


We have distributed battery collection boxes to all pupils/families in order to keep the environment safe. We have also signed up to a Keep Britain Tidy campaign.




We did our first 'litter pick' in the village this morning; it was quite 'fresh' but we managed to get a few bagfuls of litter.


Our 'battery' collector box has arrived and we have also had solar panels installed over the half term holidays. These will help with our energy saving topic.


Our next litter pick is Thursday 14th March at 8.30, look out for us! Our solar panels are helping us to conserve energy and save money!

Another litter pick in the village on a windy day! 


Our PE Ambassadors have launched our Legacy Tour which will encourage everyone to have a healthier lifestyle. Years 3, 5 & 6 starting their 26 mile challenge. One mile done...25 to go!


Darren Tinkler from Roots to Food came to school today. He delivered a KS2 workshop all morning which included a 'bake off'; he then looked at healthy eating over the lunchtime period by checking lunch boxes and finally finished the day making healthy smoothies with KS2.




Our two Year 4 Eco Warriors/School Councillors helped at lunchtime in the search of healthy lunch boxes. 


We've just had news that we have made it to the finals of Lincolnshire Young this space!

 A meeting with Sarah Hubery to discuss sustainable travel and to start to plan a Collective Worship to inform everyone about our plans.


Two judges from the Young Environmentalists panel came for a tour to see what we've been up to this week. 4 members of the Eco Council showed them around the school and explained what we have been up to.

Today we delivered an assembly on Sustainable and Active Transport to support our healthy living strand for Eco Schools and our silver status for Modeshift. We launched our idea of the whole school walking to school together on 21st May at 8.30 from The Barn.


...and the day arrived! A tremendous turn out - over 180 children walked to school together.


We travelled to Lincoln today for the Lincolnshire Young Environmentalists Final. We didn't win, however we did get a 'Highly Commended' and £150. Well done to the Year 6's did the presentation.



Y6 harvested their broad beans and together made a broad bean and serrano ham risotto.




11 Year 6s went litter picking in the village during lunchtime. We managed to collect a whole bag of litter from the park which had been blown between two buildings. Job well done!



As part of our Healthy Living strand we decided to run a Race for Life event to tie in charity work too!




We've had a great start to the year. Our application for 'Green Flag' status has been accepted, so we are awaiting our inspection date.

We have been successful in receiving a grant for work in our school grounds to build 'bug hotels' and plant wild flowers. With our winnings from the Young Environmentalists final we have bought a hedgehog hotel and 3 sturdy recycling bins, which at the moment are being decorated by Mrs Thorp. Watch this space to see what we'll be collecting as part of the Tetracycle programme which we have joined-possibly crisp packets, Pringle tubes and pet food pouches.

On Friday 7 of us went into the village to litter pick. It was the most successful pick to date!


Next week, we will be joining in with our whole school 'Golden Boot' week, where all children are encouraged to walk to school every day. Teachers run a 'walking bus' from the local community centre daily.

We will also be holding an assembly to remind everyone about our work and to encourage everyone to help pick up litter, turn off lights when not in use and to be committed to our healthy living strand of our Eco work. All classes are in the process of updating their individual Eco topics too-watch this space for updated photos! We are also looking for more children to join us in this important and exciting venture. Applications will be handed out after our assembly.

Following our assembly to invite members of the school to join us to continue with our important work we have grown to 40 members. We are going to see how this goes and may have to have sub committees! We have a litter pick planned for Monday with our Year 3 members. In Year 3 we have created bug hotels and in Year 4 we have made a hedgehog shelter (we are still awaiting delivery of our bought one!). We are all going to be on the look out for healthy snacks and lunch boxes; ensure all lights are turned off when not in use; read our solar panel metre; do regular litter picks and continue with our 'pollinator' work.



All of our new classes are busy creating new displays under the headings of healthy living, water, litter, transport, marine life, biodiversity and waste. Our recycling bins are now ready and waiting to be installed outside the Year 5 classroom. Please start to save: animal food pouches, crisp packets, sweet wrappers, pringle tubes, bread bags so that we can start to claim points for our tetracycle account.

Our second litter pick of the term. This time with some Year 3 Eco Warriors.


We had a visit from Sarah Huberry to present us with our bronze Modeshift award for working on sustainable transport and travel We are now working towards our silver status.


Sam Ruddock came to talk to us about his life and the importance of healthy living.


Still thinking 'green', even at the disco!


Mrs Thorp attended our meeting and brought along all of beautifully designed recycling boxes to be used and filled at break and lunchtimes. We will be collecting crisp packets, biscuit/cake wrappers in our collection boxes. Outside the bins are about to be introduced so that we can collect pet pouches and bread bags.

Our class representatives have now been elected and we shall lead an assembly next week to tell everyone about the recycling bins.

Today (5th November) we held our second 'mass' walk to school day. We also dressed down and donated to the CAFOD refugee appeal. Thank you to everyone who turned out this morning.


ECO group met to day to prepare for our assembly on Thursday and to get prepared for our forthcoming inspection.

We did it! We have officially been awarded our Green Flag! Well done to all involved and a bg thank you to Mr Gallop, Mrs Cross and Mrs Thorp.

Recycling our pet food pouches/bags.


Our Green Flag has arrived...



Year 4 Litter pick, 9th December.



Year 6 pupils have started a 'mapping' project where they will be looking at pollinators in the village and access for small wildlife in gardens.


Now we have created our leaflets we have started to distribute them around the village and placed a collection box in the Post Office.




We have started our new academic year by updating all of our display boards to celebrate our 'Eco' work.

Year 6 have had a 'Zoom' chat with Amy Ball, a WWF ambassador. She spoke to us about 'Saving Our Living Planet' ; she inspired us all to do more to help save the planet. Following her talk, 3 Eco representatives, Cari, Olivia and Georgia delivered a Collective Worship via Zoom to the whole school.


We have reformed and our new committee went on a litter pick today.


We walked to school today (8th December) to promote healthy living and sustainable travel.

               Year 6 enjoyed a webinar with Amy Ball from WWF on climate change.

Year 5 ad 6 went to the local park to litter pick. We returned with extremely full refuse bags! Year 6 have recently adopted an orangutan as part of our work on climate change and biodiversity.

Year 3/4 litter pick. We were pleased to find that there wasn't much litter to be collected today! 😁