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Baston C of E Primary School

Baston C of E Primary School

Dream, Thrive, Believe


Welcome to the staff team. We are all hugely committed to our roles and look forward to working alongside you and your children.

Mrs R Mills - Headteacher
Mrs S Dickson - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs P Sturgess - Church School Leader

Classroom Teachers

Mr J Hardstaff - Africa Class - Reception  
Mrs R Porteus - Antarctica Class – Year 1
Mrs L Tyler - Europe Class – Year 2
Mrs P Sturgess - South America Class – Year 3
Mrs G Epps - North America Class – Year 4
Miss J Loom - Australasia Class - Year 5
Mrs S Dickson - Asia Class – Year 6 (SENDCo)
Mrs S Oakley - PE Specialist
Mrs H Emery - Spanish Teacher (Year 5 and 6), French Teacher (Year 3 and 4) 

Teaching Assistants

Miss K Billson

Mrs T Willis
Mrs L Kidder
Mrs E Parkin
Mrs S Temple
Mrs S Anthony
Mrs K Cooper Fox
Ms L Lyon
Mrs N Baines

Mrs H Williams

Miss K Baker
Mrs E Waddingham


Mrs J Bannister Senior Administrator

Mrs M Dix Assistant Administrator


Mr N Smith

Midday Supervisors

Mrs P Bellamy (Senior Midday Supervisor)
Mrs H Williams
Mrs F Dow
Mrs N Walker Allan
Mrs K Cooper Fox
Mrs J Bryan
Mrs A Cross


Miss K Billson - Childcare Setting Manager
Mrs N Walker Allan - Childcare Assistant

Mrs P Bellamy - Childcare Assistant

Mrs K Cooper Fox - Childcare Assistant

To read more about our Governors, please click here