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Baston C of E Primary School

Baston C of E Primary School

Dream, Thrive, Achieve

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.

We are Antarctica Class.

2018- 2019

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Year 1 are taught by Mrs Day with

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Parkin, Mrs Kidder and Mrs Temple.


Log in details for both Education City and Reading Eggs are stuck in the first page of reading logs.

Please remember to send reading logs and books in every Friday. New books will be sent out on Mondays. No homework is given out (including books) on the first and last week of each term.

Autumn Term 1

Our theme for this term is.......

What makes me special.

Week 1  - Exploring shape pattern and colour.

This week we have been spending time getting to know one another and exploring our new classroom.

Week 2  - Science and Maths

This week we needed to find out which size boots, gloves and hats were needed for colder days at Forest School. To do this we had to measure the size of our heads, draw and measure our hands and print out feet in talcum powder before measuring them with bricks.


Week 3 - Peace at Last

Our book of the week was Peace at Last. We had great fun adding sound effects to this story. This added to the work achieved on hearing in our science lesson. We also played senses games at Forest School.

 Week 4 - Oliver's Vegetables.

We  heard the story about Oliver who only liked chips!   We learnt all about different types of vegetables and thought about 'Harvest Time'                                             

Week 6 - Smelly Detectives!!

We became great smelly detectives in Science. We had six mystery pots and had to only use our sense of smell to find out what was in the pot!  There was even cold fish in one pot.

Week 5 - Sci-Fest

Year One were very fortunate to have a presentation about animals in Madagascar.   They also saw an amazing science magician.

Week 7  - Fruit Salad

This week we looked at the sense of taste!  We read the recipe of fruit salad instructions during guided reading . Later in the day we made our own fruit salads. Finally we wrote our own instructions complete with bossy sentences.

Autumn Term 2

Our theme for this term is.......


Week 1 - Rumble in the Jungle

Our story for the week is Rumble in the Jungle. After hearing this story we described our favourite animal, played a game of 'Which animal am I? and wrote five fantastic facts about mammals.   

We have also been working very hard at subtraction stories, learning how to take away, cross out and use a number line to subtract. Some of us found this tricky at first!

Week 2 - Firework pictures and rockets

This week we found out why we celebrate Bonfire Night and made night sky pictures on the interactive whiteboard. In guided reading it was really exciting to follow the instructions to make a paper rocket. We all made rockets in our maths lessons and this helped us learn the names of 2D and 3D shapes. In PE we used coloured streamers to make up Firework dances. Forest School, we made charcoal paint to create firework pictures. We also had a fire and toasted fruit and

We also printed poppies using paint and sponges for a special Remembrance Day display at Baston Church.

Week 3 - Rainbow Fish , Fishy Facts, Birthday Celebrations, Days of the week and Months of the Year.

Yet another busy week in Antarctica Class!  Our book of the week was 'Rainbow Fish'. This week's reading focus was predicting the storyline. We have learnt about the features of fish and made some beautifully labelled fish for our Science books. Mrs Day has also learnt lots of interesting facts from the class about fish!! We looked again at the story of Creation from the Bible and have discovered which day God created fish.

We have all made a 'Days of the Week' spinner to help us learn the days in order, and find the days before and after. Some of us can now say when our birthday is, and most of us now know our birthday month. We have made birthday cake pictures to go on the wall to help us track our birthdays.

The Four Seasons were taught at Forest School , with a particular emphasis on the current season, Autumn. First we found leaves matching a colour chart. Then we collected leaves to make a book mark. After that we discussed evergreen and deciduous trees. Finally we had a crunchy walk through the dry, crispy leaves. It was great fun throwing leaves in the air!!

Week 4 -  Owl Babies, Brilliant Bird Facts, Creation Story, Stir up Sunday and Ordering Numbers.

Week 5 - Dear Zoo, Animal Bodies, Patron Saints of UK and Caring for our World 

Week 6 - Advent, Ten Little Light story, and Shape

Week 7 - Nativity and Christmas Celebrations.