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Baston C of E Primary School

Baston C of E Primary School

Dream, Thrive, Believe

Year 5

2020 - 2021

Australasia are being taught by Miss Loom

and being supported by Mrs Anthony.

What a fantastic and successful week we have had ... everyone who took part in the Bikeability course passed with flying colours!  


Summer Term

Water World?

We are going to be looking at many aspects of our wonderful planet, such as map work, rivers, coasts, landforms and the effects that pollution is having.  We will look at renewable sources of energy and what our planet may look like in the future.

Image result for water world 

Is there enough water for everyone?


The new term has started with a journey back in time to see how the Ancient Mayans lived.  In Forest School the children have looked at the temples and worked in groups to make some of their own.



We really enjoyed turning our classroom into and Ancient Egyptian Museum!  We worked hard to produce lots of writing and artwork, along with our Forest School creations, to showcase all the research and learning throughout the term.


 We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day.  It was also the day that 2 local farming families visited the school to talk to all the children about farming and let them explore the tractors and seeds. 




Spring term has started and the new topic is a study about ancient civilisations.  We are learning about the Ancient Egyptians during the first half of the term and then comparing their lives with that of the Ancient Mayans who were around at about the same time.  We will discuss the very many similarities between these civilisations who were so far apart and couldn't have known of each other's existence!  Or did they?!

  Egyptian Pyramid

Mayan Temple      

In Forest School we have been learning how to construct a pyramid and about the process of mummification ... we are currently tracking what happens to our vegetable-mummy-man who is in his tomb inside the pyramids!




A busy week in Year 5...learning about the water cycle, area and perimeter in maths, cricket coaching, teaching EYFS new games with Mrs Oakley and we have written a narrative to accompany 'The Piano' in English. 



Our super star this week is..Sophie, fantastic writing and great skills in netball.

Week 3...

Monday - we used soldering irons to make LED torches with BGS. We have written about a 'Busy Place' using our own experiences in Hong Kong, New York, Peterborough, Barcelona to name a few!



We have visited The Deepings Library to learn about the Tudors, followed by a Spanish afternoon at DSJ. We have had a visitor in our class this week, Fabio, from Spain. He has been an absolute superstar!

This week a few of us attended a Reading Cafe with Mrs Dickson. We have taken part in the Inspire Plus Mass Participation event, organised games for EYFS with Mrs Oakley and have enjoyed English and maths with Mr Reed.





In this first term we are covering the topic of Earth and Space and have started by asking questions about what we would like to find answers to.

How far away from the Earth is the Moon?  Jack H

How does gravity keep us down on Earth but not in space? Toby

What are the stars made up of? Courtney

These are just a few of the many questions we stuck onto the science board!

Image result for solar system

Last year we we attended the Schools Mini-Olympics at Grantham.  We had an amazing time and to top it all off we also came 3rd in the Banner competition!  Our prize was a morning with Carl, one of the Inspire+ team, where we had a fabulous time learning 3 new inclusive sports.  October 2018.

Seated Volleyball is ace!

Blind football was very tricky!

In Forest School we have been learning about Forces.  We have been given challenges linked to the Science Curriculum based around friction, wind resistance, air resistance and gravity.

We tested friction using different materials and then had to work out how to break a piece of string by applying the force of friction.

We had to test the effect of water resistance by creating a dam.  The only materials we were given was a gutter, the rest had to be foraged for in the woodland area.

During Science Week we carried out lots of investigations.  One of them was about air resistance and we investigated the best shape for a paper aeroplane ... which was a hoop glider made from a straw with 2 cardboard hoops!  They travelled much further than traditional folded paper planes.